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Wii news

GPStore sent me some awesome news today:

1. Twiight Princess will be released day one along with the console and cost only $109.95
2. Softprint were recently confirmed as the Nintendo's new NZ distirbutor. Thank you, finally a company that doesn't spend the bulk of it's time and money selling GE Fridges, Casio Cameras, and Pioneer Stereo Systems.
3. You get a Wii Baseball cap and T-shirt if you pre-order from GpStore.
4. Softprint is taking the Wii to Armaggedon and Big Boys Toys in Auckland in November.
5. A Wii Carry Bag is available from day one.
6. GPStore have more pre-orders for the Wii than they do for the PS3!

Bad News:

1. Super Mario Galaxy (working title) won't be out until early 2007.
2. I wish I had preordered my Wii from GPStore so it got delivered to me at my house on Dec 7th. Having to go all the way into EB Riccarton mall and get all the way back again is really going to eat into my Zelda playing time. EB would really hate it though if I asked for the $410 back that I've already put down on the console and two games.

- Danny

P.S - I had to send my 360 away for repair the other day - boo...The Three Rings of Doom.

P.P.S - My quest to finish all the Zelda games before Twilight Princess comes out isn't going well. Nobody can give a functioning CDi emulator that I don't have to pay for (yes, I have to play those games too) and the first two games on the NES have not aged well. Infact they're incredibly frustrating. So I skipped forward and started playing Link to the Past last night.
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