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A fine gift for Nintendo fans!

At this year's GDC (Game Developers Conference) Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx (the other lesser known 16bit console) games would be available for download and play on The Revolution's already excitement inducing Virtual Console. I don't know to much about the selection of Turbografx selection, but Iwata did mention that the Genesis library would be a 'best-of' like selection encompassing over a 1000 titles.

He also gave us not one, but two Zelda games to look foward to now!

What a great day for us all!

In unrelated news: I got my Xbox360 yesterday. It's front end is daunting, the wireless controllers are probably cooler than the wavebird, and Oblivion has wickedly long load times (Here's me thinking we got past all that last generation).

- Danny
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The Sega games announcement is cool. I think I remember the same announcement for the XBOX360 though actually...

It'll all depend on pricing I guess. Hopefully they'll let you preview games and then buy them for a fairly low fee. Or perhaps have a rental scheme where you can have so many games at once for a monthly fee. That'd be great.

I'm thinking about picking up Oblivion for the PC. The 360s teeny little harddrive obviously isn't used much/at all/enough for the console version to help loading times eh. I don't even know where microsoft found 20 gig harddrives... And because they're not mandatory on the console the developers can't rely on them being there even if there was room to offload some of the content onto them.

I think the farthest I'll go into getting a 360 at this point is buying a wired 360 controller for my PC. They sure do feel nice in the hand.

Zelda DS looks truly wicked from the video, can't wait!

Deleted comment

I think the games on the xbox360 market place are pretty cheap, so Nintendo will have to hit that price or lower. Plus, while they didn't give any pricing details in the keynote today, they did hint at 'innovative' pricing. So maybe monthly subs. He compared it to itunes. Hmm, though their pricing isn't very innovative at all...

Well, the main thing with the Revolution (please let that be the name and not "Nintendo Go" or whatever was rumoured yesterday) is that it'll be plugged into TVs... Retro gaming stuck on the PC is pretty niche. And having to install emulators and track down ROMs is hardly a task everyone is up to. Certainly not most of N's market.

I have my PC hooked up to my TV with emulators for everything installed and some (legal, of course!) ROMs and they're great to play. But even I'd pay for retro games on the revolution. Browsing a selection of games available with my rev controller and being able to purchase and have them run immediately, no fuss, seems worth a few dollars to me.

It'd definitely help if they let you trial games in a shareware fashion. I think the 360 lets you do that.
Yeah 20Gig...wtf. I think its just for downloading movie trailers off xbox live ;)

There was a rumour they were upping it to 100Gig, but the date for release of that was April 1... ;)