bushido bwoy (bushidobwoy) wrote in nz_nintendo,
bushido bwoy

New DS Design

After plenty of rumours, Nintendo Japan have announced a new DS design. Two thirds the physical size and 20% lighter. All white with a few buttons moved around and improved backlight settings, otherwise it is the same on the insides. more info here. Should definitely help the DS defend charges of being "clunky" compared with the PSP.

Both Play-Asia.com and Lik-Sang.com have pre-orders for $169US. I've already put my order in! Remember that as Japanese versions (no USA, Europe and naturally no NZ release date for them yet) they'll come with a 110volt power supply so you'll need an existing DS one, a step-down transformer or (my preferred option) a USB DS charging cable. The latter cost $4.95US and let you charge from any USB port, extra portable.

Nintendo Japan say they'll keep selling old and new style DS (heck somehow they still sell the original GBA as well as SP and Micro) which seems odd as the DS totally sold out in Japan over xmas and there's no stock still. Which would seem to imply they were gearing up to switch to the new model production wise...

Either way, that's probably the biggest hardware announcement from Nintendo this side of codename-Revolution announcement at E3 in May.
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